Need a General Contractor, Hire the Best in Chicago

A residential general contractor is a home addition and remodeling professional. His job is to organize and execute larger and more complex projects. A general contract, unlike a remodeling professional, takes on projects in Chicago that are longer in duration and incorporate specific details specified by the owner. The majority of projects either adds space to a home or makes better use out of existing space.

When Should You Hire a General Contractor?

When you undertake a major project, such as renovating and remodeling the kitchen in your home, you may not realize at first that the project can take upwards of six or seven weeks to complete. The project will need the professional services of an electrician, plumber, cabinet and countertop supplier and installer, and more

A general contractor knows how to coordinate the activities of all these trades, scheduling them so that people are not working on top of one another. He knows from experience the best tradesmen, and he knows what labor charges to expect. The contractor will also have people working for him to do some of the work.

Knowing a few established rules of thumb can help you decide when you need to hire a general contractor.

  • If the job looks like it will take more than a week, turn it over to a GC
  • If the job will involve multiple trades, turn it over to a GC
  • If the job is such that it requires permits, turn it over to a GC

Always choose a contractor that specializes in residential work, not industrial or commercial. Once you have made your choice, read and understand the contract before you agree and sign it. This is the time to ask questions if you do not understand something.

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