Myths About Drinking And Driving

Many people hire a criminal defense attorney Ponte Vedra because they are facing drunk driving charges. The roads will be a lot safer if people would not drink and drive. One of the reasons that people drink and drive is because they believe the myths about alcohol.

Myth: Coffee Helps You Stay Sober

Fact: Coffee will not have any effect on the amount of alcohol that you have inside of your system. If you are tired, then coffee can help you wake up a little bit. However, it will not help you get sober any faster.

Myth: A Shower Will Help You Sober Up

Fact: A shower may wake you up, but it will not help you sober up. The only thing that will help you sober up after a night of drinking is time.

Myth: You Can Drive Slow, and You Will be Fine

Fact: Driving slowly will not help you get home any safer. In fact, people who drive too slowly actually put other people on the road in danger. Police officers are also more likely to pull over people who drive too slowly.

Myth: I Can Drive if I am Experienced

Fact: Your driving experience does not matter. Your reflexes and judgment are affected by alcohol. Your level of experience will not change that.

Myth: I am Big, so I Can Handle the Alcohol

Fact: Your size is just one of the factors that determines the way that alcohol affects you. Your body chemistry, how tired you are and how much food you have in your stomach will affect the way that you handle alcohol. Your driving ability will be impaired by just one drink.

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