Motorcycle Safety and Injury Law Basics

Motorcycle Safety and Injury Law Basics

If you ride a motorcycle, you should have a basic understanding of accident and injury law. This knowledge can help you in the event you ever need to file a claim for lost wages or medical costs. Below is a short guide to motorcycle accident and injury law.

Safety Laws for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are dangerous, offering little protection to riders and passengers. It’s up to you to protect yourself by following your state’s safety and traffic rules. Every state in the US requires riders to pass a written test to earn a driver’s license motorcycle endorsement, but requirements vary.

Helmets are required in many states, as they are proven to minimize injuries. Most of those states also require eye protection to be worn, and some states require daytime running lights and turn signals.

Accident and Insurance Law

In many jurisdictions, motorcycle owners must carry comprehensive coverage, which covers the rider, passengers and vehicle. In the event a claim is required, it is filed in much the same way as an auto insurance claim. If another motorist is involved, be sure to gather their insurance and contact information, and to file a police report. It’s also a good idea to take pictures, get witnesses’ information and to retain copies of medical bills.


Under accident laws, people hurt in a motorcycle accident have the legal right to bring a suit against the at-fault party. If you’ve been injured, you can hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Newark DE to help win your claim.

You will need to provide your lawyer with certain information about your case, such as copies of medical bills and records, photos of the accident scene and of your injuries, and a copy of the police report. The attorney will then give the at-fault party a chance to settle the case before trial.

Injury Trials

If the at-fault party does not accept the settlement offer, and retains a Newark Criminal Lawyer, a trial can be a lengthy process. Both sides give opening statements, followed by testimony. Closing statements come just before deliberations start; once a decision is reached, a verdict is issued.

To successfully plead your case, your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Newark DE will need to prove that the at-fault party was negligent. They will also have to justify the damage amount you’re seeking, likely through expert witnesses and copies of your medical bills.

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