Mosquito Control Best Practices for Your Home


Spending time in your backyard is important. Whether you’re cooking out with the family, relaxing and watching the sunset, playing a game of catch with your kids, or something else, it’s about bonding and enjoying the most important moments in your life. You shouldn’t be sharing those moments with mosquitos, though. These pests can make time outdoors frustrating, and can also carry diseases. Mosquito control steps can help eliminate this problem for Maryland residents.

1. Cut Your Grass

One of the most overlooked, yet important tips toward controlling mosquitos in your Maryland yard is to keep your grass trimmed properly. Tall, the overgrown grass is attractive to mosquitos, largely because it harbors plenty of moisture, but also because male mosquitos feed on plant juices. Make sure that your yard is kept neat and clean. Push back any tall grasses as far as possible, or eliminate them entirely. Note that this will also help with controlling rodents, as well.

2. Remove Standing Water

Perhaps the single most important consideration when it comes to mosquito control is to remove all sources of standing water in your yard. Water is essential to the mosquito’s lifecycle. Eggs need water to hatch. Larva needs water to feed and grow. Females need water to lay their eggs. It’s all tied to water. Make sure you remove any type of standing water from your yard, including:

  • Old tires and tire swings
  • Bird baths
  • Empty flowerpots
  • Unused pet dishes

In addition to things you and your family might have left behind, you also need to check for areas of the yard that naturally retain water. For instance, that drainage ditch at the back of your yard – it needs to be kept clear of the water. That dip in the yard that holds water for days after rain? It needs to be filled in. There should be nowhere for the water to accumulate and stay.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Finally, consider having your gutters cleaned regularly. Leaves and twigs can cause water to dam up in your gutters, allowing mosquitos a hidden place to breed and thrive. Ideally, you’ll have your gutters cleaned out at least twice per year (spring and fall), but it never hurts to have a more frequent schedule.

If you’re struggling with mosquito control at your Maryland home, we can help. Contact Viking Pest Control today.

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