Mistakes to Avoid When Carpet Cleaning in Torrance

Keeping carpeting clean is difficult to do when people are in and out of their homes all day long tracking in dirt and debris. This is especially difficult with pets and kids. Some people vacuum their carpets daily to prevent the build-up of dirt. Even so, there are still stains that occur and allergens in the carpet affecting air quality. These types of things require a deeper cleaning. Listed below are some common mistakes to avoid when Carpet Cleaning in Torrance.

Stains Soaking into Carpet

Many people make the mistake of not cleaning spills right away. This can be just as hard on the carpet as it is on clothing. The longer the stain sits on the carpet, the deeper it soaks in and the harder it is to get out. If a spill is cleaned up right away, there will be less labor involved in the cleaning of the carpet.

Carpet Cleaner Testing

There are chemicals on the market designed specifically for carpet stains. In the directions on the chemical bottle, it instructs users to test a small area before applying. Most people do not take this advice. Chemicals can ruin carpet if put on the wrong color or wrong type of carpet. The area tested should be out of sight in case there is a bad reaction from the carpet. If one cleaner does not fit the type of carpet you have and get the job done, there are plenty of others on the market to try.

Scrubbing Spills

When a spill happens, the first thing many people do is grab a nearby towel or napkin to wipe it up. They often scrub the spot in an effort to remove the stain. This is the worse thing to do. When an area has been soiled with something that can stain it, the spill should be lifted with a spoon if possible to avoid tearing and untwisting the fibers in the carpet.

Although most carpet can be cleaned without having to call a professional, it is still good to get the carpets deep cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year. Good Cleaning And Maintenance of carpet can make the lifespan longer than normal. A local carpet cleaning contractor with high ratings and reviews online is perfect to do Carpet Cleaning in Torrance for your home.

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