Methods Used for Vinyl Flooring Installation in Wilton, CT

Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of advantages from water resistance to surprisingly low material and installation costs. It’s important that the subfloor be adequately prepared and that the material be installed correctly, though, which is why most homeowners choose to hire professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Read on to find out about the methods used by contractors for vinyl flooring installation in Wilton, CT below.

Subfloor Preparation

The subfloor must be completely flat before new flooring can be installed. This often requires filling in any holes in the concrete using putty, smoothing out imperfections, or laying down plywood. Failing to perform this initial step will decrease the material’s longevity and leave it prone to damage.

Full Spread Adhesion

Some contractors install vinyl flooring using the full spread installation method. This involves spreading an adhesive across the entire substrate of the floor prior to beginning the installation of the tiles themselves.

Perimeter Adhered

Perimeter adhered installation is typically less expensive than full spread adhesion. Contractors using this method will apply adhesive only to the edges of the vinyl and the seams in the room.

Floating Installation

The floating installation method can be used over existing floors, which can make it more cost-effective as it requires less labor. There are no adhesives at all used in this process.

Unique Concerns for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Contractors who will be installing vinyl planks instead of vinyl tiles follow different processes. These may include the peel and stick method, the glue down method, and the loose lay method. Some vinyl plank flooring is also designed to be interlocking, which makes for a quicker installation.

Vinyl planks that come with existing adhesive can be applied using the peel and stick method, while those that do not feature adhesive must be glued down. The loose lay installation method uses friction instead of adhesives or locking mechanisms to keep the flooring in place.

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