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Children, pets, and regular traffic affect carpets daily. Such indicators can create excessive build-up so it is beneficial to have your carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. If you are an adult living on your own, you could wait up to two years, however, it is best to still get it done annually. Here are a variety of methods to keep your carpets and rugs fresh:

  • Household remedies
  • Hot-water extraction
  • Dry-cleaning

Each of these methods vary in efficiency and level of cleanliness. It is important to know the difference if you are looking to get quality Carpet Cleaners In Asheville. Asheville offers a variety of services in this department, and it is a good thing to do your research.

Household Processes

The standard carpet cleaner is vacuuming. You can implement this yourself, and it should be done at least weekly. Vacuuming is good for removing obvious dirt, crumbs, and pet dandruff. While these two methods will give aurora of cleanliness, they will not sterilize your carpet.

Hot-water Extraction

This method is also known as steam cleaning, and it is considered one of the best ways to sterilize and freshen up carpets and area rugs. With this method, equipment is used to spray warm water on the carpet. The water is the vacuumed up, suctioning up any dirt. You can find many local businesses to provide this service. Be sure to let them know what results you are looking to attain and what type of dirt concerns you have: pets, children, bugs, etc.


This method uses machinery that is similar to hot-water extraction, however, it does not use as much water or moisture. This particular method relies on chemical cleaning agents that are applied to an area, where steam is then applied, and then dries on its own quickly. This is another professional service that will sterilize your home or business’ floor but can leave a residue.

The Right Method

It is to your advantage both aesthetically and environmentally to maintain a clean home or business. Make sure to have your carpets and area rugs cleaned professional by carpet cleaners at least once a year and utilize the method that best suits your needs.

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