Memorials and Monuments in CT are Designed or Restored to Meet Your Needs

Memorials and Monuments in CT are Designed or Restored to Meet Your Needs

There are different types of memorials; the first is a marker or footstone. These are smaller and close to the ground. When choosing a marker you need to consider the guidelines of the cemetery where it will be placed. Most monument companies already know the cemetery’s stated guidelines. Your design can be customized and completed on-site if necessary. They can also be designed to complement your family plot if needed. The markers and footstones come in a variety of colors, some of these are: gray, mountain rose, mahogany, and black.

Monuments and memorials have been around for centuries. Their original purpose was to preserve the memories of the deceased, and they still serve this purpose today, but they also offer a place to visit a passed loved one and a place to revisit family history. Planning for the best Monuments in CT can occur during the pre-planning process if you or a loved one is engaged in end of life planning,  but it can also begin after a death occurs. Currently, memorials are built by companies such as Shelley Brothers Monuments. They are built to be durable, but sometimes they need to be repaired or restored, and these companies can restore them as well.

Monuments are another type of memorial. These are larger and can be a visible reminder of a deceased person. On monuments the inscription can be the focal point, so it is important to consider closely the size, letter style, and color chosen for the inscription. It is also important to consider the color and type of stone and any engravings, carvings, or emblems, since they might also stand out on the monument. While monument companies can build and design monuments, they can also restore Monuments in CT. These companies are comfortable working on-site and will work to match lettering. They can do hand etching, work with brick, granite, and wood, among other materials. In addition to restoring the engraving on old monuments they can repaint them if necessary.

When monument companies help you design the monument you need, they will plan it with the materials that will give your monument the longest life. They will also help you consider the environment in which the monument will be placed, in order to ensure the monument is a complementary addition to the cemetery or garden.

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