Market Trends In Houston Real Estate

Market Trends In Houston Real Estate

As with any major city in the United States, Houston real estate markets tend to follow seasonal trends. These trends are more pronounced in some years than others, but understanding the trends can help you to time buying or selling your home.

A real estate agent that is familiar with the Houston real estate market is an invaluable asset when buying or selling. As a buyer’s agent he or she can help you to select homes to view, provide information, help with evaluating and offers and complete the sale as quickly as possible. As a seller’s agent the real estate professional can help you to accurately price the home, manage viewings, assist with staging and preparing the home and handle all the marketing involved in getting buyers to your property.

Hot Places to Live

Besides having great year round weather, Houston real estate is also some of the hottest in the state. Unlike some areas Houston homes tend to hold their value despite the dramatic drops in prices noted in many areas of the country.

As with any major city there are neighborhoods and subdivisions that tend to sell quicker than others. These hot properties are most often found within the new subdivisions or in subdivisions or neighborhoods that are undergoing rejuvenation through upgrades. Knowing what neighborhoods are hot now and which ones are trending this direction can help you to time the sale or purchase of a home.

Seasonal Sales

Spring brings more than showers and flowers; it also tends to bring buyers out in full force. Although cold winters aren’t an issue in the city, Houston real estate markets always get busier with the slightly warmer weather of March and April. The summer remains steady but typically owners want to be in the new home by the start of school, which means purchases in the spring months are ideal timing.

Timing when your home goes on the market or when you start looking for a home is all a part of knowing the Houston real estate market. Understanding these trends can help both buyers and sellers, and it all starts with talking with an experienced, Houston based real estate agent.

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