Making Appointments with Chicago SSI Disability Lawyer Offices

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Lawyers

When you suffer a debilitating injury or illness, you might struggle to continue working and earn an income. You may struggle to walk and bend over, let alone drive yourself or take public transportation to and from work each day.

However, you also might have no other way to support yourself or your family. Rather than go without an income that you need, you can visit with an attorney from one of the Chicago SSI disability lawyer offices about filing for SSI or SSDI.


Before you apply for any kind of government benefit payment, you want to know if you actually have a chance at winning your case. You want to avoid putting the time and money into filing if you are just going to get turned down in court.

Your attorney can tell you during your consultation if you have a fair shot or if you do not meet the qualifications right now for approval. You can then decide if or when you want to file a case and if you want to entrust it to a legal representative to file and handle on your behalf.

You can also find out key details like how much you could possibly get in monthly payments and what, if any, kind of government-subsidized health insurance you may get. You can find out more by visiting the Chicago SSI disability lawyer offices online. Reach out to Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. today.

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