Making a Claim on Your Auto Insurance in Lacey

Making a Claim on Your Auto Insurance in Lacey

Most people think it will never happen to them, but the odds are strong that you’ll eventually be involved in a car accident which requires that you file an insurance claim. During the claims process, you request that your insurer pay for damages that happened during the accident; after you pay a deductible, you’ll be compensated up to your policy limit.

What to do After an Accident

The time immediately after an accident can be stressful, but you can ease the stress by following a few simple steps:

  • Contact your
  • Auto Insurance Lacey
  • company as soon as possible, regardless of fault.
  • Find out if you’re covered, by verifying it with your insurer and checking your policy.
  • Gather the necessary information. Your insurer will be able to tell you what’s needed to support your claim; at the very least, you’ll need a copy of the accident report. You should also keep records of all accident-related conversations and expenses.
  • Monitor the progress of your claim, and ask your insurer for a timetable of completion. Most insurers have adjusters who investigate the facts of accident cases; it’s a good idea to keep in touch with the adjuster.

When Insurers Stall or Refuse to Pay
Insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they accomplish that goal by paying less in claims than they take in premiums. Insurers have a responsibility to thoroughly investigate claims to curtain fraud, and these investigations can sometimes delay the claims process. Most companies are honest, but some use unethical tactics to delay your claim. If you feel as if your claim is being stalled arbitrarily, contact your state’s insurance office. You can also find recourse by:

  • Calling the national insurance consumer hotline at 800-942-4242
  • Requesting arbitration. Your insurance company may recommend an arbitrator, but you can also hire one from the AAA (American Arbitration Association).
  • Hiring an attorney. This is the most costly approach, and should be done as a last resort. If you pursue either of the other two avenues, you aren’t likely to need a lawyer.

After an auto accident, there are many things to take care of, and Auto Insurance in Lacey City is there to help you get back to normal. By following the steps listed above and verifying your coverage, your claim is less likely to be denied.
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