Love Your Body After Childbirth with Makeover for Mommy Cosmetic Surgery

Women look beautiful while they are pregnant. A woman’s body changes to accommodate a growing baby. At birth, muscles and joints stretch. Some women might notice that their after childbirth body looks different than what they remember. It is common for ladies to see stretch marks, and the abdomen may not flatten even when the extra weight is lost. Often, there is some sagging skin. Other women might notice that their breasts sag and look less full. Excess fat bulges sometimes are hard to get rid of following a pregnancy and birth. Ladies can love their bodies again by getting a Mommy Makeover in Chicago.

The terrific thing about this fine surgical solution is the variety of ways it can be done. Each woman that chooses The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery based in Chicago will meet with the experienced cosmetic team to determine a course of action best suited to her unique situation. This ability to custom tailor each Mommy Makeover by a Chicago cosmetic surgeon enables every lady to get the exact results that she desires. This procedure might consist of liposuction at the abdomen, hips, buttocks or thighs to decrease stubborn fat deposits that often develop there during pregnancy.

Some ladies will want a tummy tuck to get their abdomen flat again. During this procedure, the surgeon can also pull any abdominal muscles back together if there is still an opening. Often, body sculpting can bring back a woman’s curves with little hassle. Lots of ladies also decide to include a breast lift and a recommended breast augmentation to lift the breasts back into position and replace the volume lost from breast tissue. Consider getting a confidence building Mommy Makeover from the Chicago practice of The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Contact Dial 312-202-9000. Like us on our facebook page.

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