Looking for Nice Decor? Vibrant Floral Wall Panels Add Colors to Your Event

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The sky is the limit when decorating for a wedding, banquet, or other important events. For example, you can look into flower wall panels wholesale to create a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony and pictures.

Vibrant Floral Wall Panels Add Colors to Your Event

If you want to add vibrant colors to your event, check out this guide on how to use floral wall panels.

Type of Flowers

You can use a range of flowers on your wall panels, including tulips, dahlias, roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. If you are worried about allergies or off-season flowers, you can always use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers last all year round and will not trigger allergies in your guests.

Flower Panel Cost

Before shopping for flower wall panels wholesale, you need to ensure the panels fit your budget. Some places offer artificial boxwood greenery panels starting at $4.99, but you can also find silk flower wall panels starting at $14.99. The price is per pane, so your total cost also depends on how many panes you need.

Easy Panel Installation

You can use zip ties to quickly connect the wall panels to the pipe and drape set. If you are not planning to reuse the floral panels, you can always use a staple gun to attach the panels to a wooden plyboard. Additionally, wooden plyboards are ideal for permanent floral wall panels. Plus, it is a more sturdy option for your venue.

When you are ready to purchase your flower wall panels wholesale, you may enjoy the selection at CV Linens. Visit them online to check out the selection of flower wall panels.

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