Looking at the Details of a Senior Living Contract: Moving Elderly Parents

When you have elderly parents that can no longer care for themselves in their own home, it may be time to move them to an assisted living facility. An assisted living facility is a senior living program where your parents can live most of their days by themselves, but have extra help for things like bathing, dressing, taking medications, shopping, and/or cooking. Before you sign that contract and move your parents into a facility, be sure to look at the details of a contract for that facility. Here is what you should look for.

Detailed Documentation Requests for What Level of Care and Assistance Your Parents Need

As long as neither of your parents is a total assist (i.e., needs total care because he/she can’t do anything for him/herself anymore), they can live together in the same apartment or room. In order to do so, a facility has to request clear-cut instructions and documentation showing the level of care your parents need and what they will need help with. Otherwise your parents may not receive the assisted living services they need.

Terms of Payment and Tenancy Terms

Every contract for a senior living facility must list payment terms, how monthly expenses for residency and care are made and when those payments are due, and how tenancy operates (e.g., month to month, annual contract, etc.). Be sure to read the entire contract and that you and your parents (if they are able) understand the terms clearly.

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