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How long have you been searching for Orlando apartments near UCF? If you haven’t found an ideal spot yet, then you may want to stop and check out this one. Its luxurious amenities add a lot to the college experience, and living here will make it better.

Orlando Apartments Near UCF

The University of Central Florida is a great place to further your ambitions. However, you don’t want to burn out by only focusing on school, especially when there’s so much to enjoy.

Hit the Gym on Your Time

Maybe, you’ve been hitting the gym for a long time and want to maintain it. Or you might be starting a new habit and improving yourself. Either way, the 24-hour fitness center will make staying in shape easy, and everyone loves that.

Gather Your Crew for a Quick Game

Built for you, the basketball court is a perfect spot to meet up with friends. Get everyone together, and then you can play a game of basketball before heading to class.

Unlimited Utilities Included

Nobody wants to be surprised when it’s time to pay the rent, even if the surprise is from the utilities. Luckily, you can count on the same payment each month, thanks to unlimited utilities. Each apartment includes as much electricity as you can use, and there complete with Wi-Fi. Staying connected won’t cost you a dime while staying here, and that matters.

Lark Central Florida operates a luxury student housing complex near UCF. Visit them at their website at https://larkcentralflorida.com to learn more.

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