Local Reliability: Du Fresne’s Auto Repair, DEQ Beaverton

Local Reliability: Du Fresne’s Auto Repair, DEQ Beaverton

Nothing puts a dent in the day faster than failing an emissions test or finding out your vehicle needs a repair of some sort. No one wants to make an expensive mistake in selecting an auto repair shop. The following list should help you understand your options and give you an idea of just what you might want to look for in an auto repair shop.

DEQ-Approved Auto Repair Shops in Beaverton

Because the State of Oregon understands the importance of having reliable, ethical auto repair facilities for their consumers, they have created a list of Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Approved Auto Repair Shops. Du Fresne’s Auto Shop, Beaverton, is on this list published by Oregon state.

How long have the company been in busines?

It may sound great that the company has been around for 45 years. But, they probably haven’t had the same mechanic doing all the work in that time. You can check out local websites, and certainly you can ask questions when visiting the shop, such as, how long have the mechanics been associated with the shop. In more rural areas, don’t expect to find a repair shop with a website. Ask around your local community instead.

Avoid some National Chains.

These guys don’t always have the experience, although they may be good for a quick, easy check-up or fix. There’s usually a lot of turnover in these shops. While that may not seem serious now, look at the next point coming up. You’ll see what we mean.

Using a Brand-Name Dealer vs. a Local Shop

There is a difference between a dealer and a local repair shop. If you have a complicated vehicle-specific problem, you might be better off going to a dealer who focuses on one car brand. On the other hand, these brand-specific shops are going to charge you a more (sometimes a lot more) to do the work. They feel you’re getting an expert with experience and skill that you won’t find in every shop for your particular type of car. On the other hand, if you’re getting routine or even heavy-duty work done on your car, a local auto shop will be the way to go.

If you are looking for a DEQ Beaverton auto repair shop, contact Du Fresne’s Auto Shop, (http://www.dufresnesautorepair.com) where you’ll find an expert, local team ready to do their best to get you happily back on the road again.

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