Load Up Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags For Baby

Load Up Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags For Baby

It’s baby shower time and you don’t know what to get your best friend for her baby shower. Unless you have had a baby it’s difficult to know which items are needed the most. What you do know is that she will be spending a lot of money on baby hygiene products and special baby supplies and equipment. That creates the perfect opportunity to buy the perfect gift.


The good news is that just about anything you buy related to babies and keeping  babies warm, clean and happy will be appreciated. These same items can be delivered in style when placed inside Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bags.


Small Bundles of Joy Need Plenty of Supplies


Giving your friend a shower gift that includes a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag lets the mom-to-be know that you only want the best for her and her baby. These designer quality diaper bags are made to be stylish and practical at the same time. Presenting only the diaper bag is plenty of gift, but imagine her surprise when she opens the bag and finds it loaded with the baby supplies she needs too. It’s the perfect baby shower gift for a best friend.


What exactly does the baby need? The answer is: Plenty and then some! There’s no need to get exotic with the gifts you buy because new parents always appreciate the practical items they will be buying plenty of over the coming months. Typical items include:


  1. Cotton onesies with color coordinated socks
  2. Swaddling blanket
  3. Knit hats to keep little heads warm
  4. Bibs
  5. Plush soft toys
  6. Burp cloths
  7. Baby robes
  8. Lotions
  9. Baby soap
  10. Baby wipes


You can’t travel light with a baby, but you can pack and travel efficiently. That’s the goal of Petunia Pickle Bottom – to design diaper bags that make the most efficient use of space. Your friend will be thrilled when she opens her gift and finds a diaper bag that is every bit as stylish as a purse but is designed to carry as many popular and essential infant or toddler items as possible.


Bed, Bath and Mom


A new mother appreciates getting any baby hygiene products, baby cleaning supplies, baby bath items or anything needed for eating like baby dishes and baby spoon. You don’t have to only buy diaper bag items to put in your diaper bag. You can add surprise items to the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. For example, put a coupon in that diaper bag that promises a free night of babysitting.


Buying very special shower gifts for your expecting best friend is easy thanks to Petunia Pickle Bottom. The well designed and quality diaper bags are coveted by mothers. Built to last, this diaper bag is beautiful and practical. By using a little imagination while filling the diaper bag you can create a wonderful gift that is exactly what the new mother needs to care for baby.





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