Lights Flickering in Chicago? Signs Your Generator Needs a Repair

When the lights go out, it’s always reassuring to know that you have a generator. While your neighbors rush to the local store to buy ice, you can sit comfortably in your air-conditioned home with your generator humming along. However, like all pieces of machinery, your generator can stop working. To ensure your generator keeps going strong when you need it the most, consider some of these signs that it could use maintenance.

1. Worn Parts

Inspecting the outside of the generator might not be able to tell you much. Even if you bought your generator at a company offering Generac generators sales in Winnetka, you can still rely on help from the professionals to inspect it for you. They can take a look inside and inspect the wires, gears, and other parts. If anything looks frayed, worn, or even just damaged, then the generator could use some new parts. The experts can replace those parts, and your generator can keep humming along.

2. Leaks

If you purchased your generator at a company offering Generac generators sales in Winnetka, it should last for a while. However, leaks are possible. Sometimes the tubes can become damaged or the storage pan can break and cause leakage. There are two main types of liquids in the generator. Fuel and coolant both power your generator and keep the engine from overheating. Should any of the tubes or anything else associated with those liquids break, then you have a leak.

3. Starter Problems

If the generator isn’t running or has difficulty running, then it could be because of the battery. It drains the longer a generator sits idle. A replacement can amend the problem.

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