Lift Chairs and Their Types

Lift Chairs and Their Types

The invention of a new medical device, Lift chair, has helped many persons with limited mobility. People who have problems standing or sitting can stand and sit on their own with the help of this device. The persons who struggle to move due to recent surgery, an injury, arthritis, muscle pain or any other problem or disease can easily move with the help of this excellent piece of furniture. Every person with limited mobility should make sure to have one of the lift chairs at his home.

If you are going to buy lift chairs Maryland make sure to keep few things on mind. The first thing to keep on mind is that there are different models of lift chairs available on the market – the zero gravity chairs, the infinity position chairs, the two position chairs and the three position chairs. As they are different their functions are different too; they have the ability to move in different positions.

Among the four lift chairs, the zero gravity ones are the only ones that are able to lie flat completely. To control the footrest they have a special second motor. A good feature about it is that it can be raise above the height of the backrest. This type of lift chair has proven to be very comfortable for many people with limited mobility.

The second type, the infinity position chairs, can move to stand at the position of 180 degrees back and at any position between these two positions. Like zero gravity chairs, this chair also have a separate motor for the footrest.

The two position chairs are the least expensive lift chairs Maryland as they are very basic. They are very comfortable for watching television or reading newspapers and magazines as they can be controlled to sit back and to stand at 45 degrees angle.

The last one, the three position chairs do not lie completely flat. They are like two position chairs but they have the ability to move to an extra position, which may be anywhere between 45 degrees and 180 degrees angle.

The lift chairs can be bought from any medical store that sells the mobility equipment or can also be bought from Scooter Store Baltimore. provides wide selection of lift chairs to fit all budget in Maryland.



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