Legal Transcription Companies Offer Helpful Formatting Options

Legal Transcription Companies Offer Helpful Formatting Options

Maintaining detailed records of important events, such as hearings and depositions, is a necessity for judges, attorneys, litigants, and other individuals involved in legal proceedings. It’s also helpful to have the option to go back and assess statements and search for information you may not have initially picked up on. However, transcripts can be both time consuming to read through and burdensome to physically carry around. Competent legal transcription companies provide extras to their clients that remove the headache, and give them access to tools that make reviewing and formatting a breeze.

Convenient Indexing
Providing keyword indexing, e-transcripts, and condensing options makes transcripts much simpler to skim over or read in detail. These features make life easier for clients by allowing them to quickly find what they’re looking for and format scripts to their liking. Depending on the length of the event a court reporter is required to attend, transcripts can be quite lengthy and detailed. For convenience’s sake, lists of the words found in the transcript are arranged into a keyword index, which helps the reader locate the page they need without having to flip through the finalized booklet aimlessly.

An Easier Read
E-transcripts are transferred to a CD or emailed to clients for their convenience, which allows them to print them out or review them via their computer. Keyword search functions and various printing options are available as well, which lets clients search for important information and personalize the appearance of their scripts. Condensing a transcript is a smart way to retain all of its information, while cutting back on paper usage. Adding extra columns of text to each page, for example, can make lengthier transcripts considerably lighter and easier to transport. Certified legal transcription companies offer access to keyword indexes, e-transcripts, and condensing and formatting options, as well as an online repository that grants clients access to their transcripts at any time.

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