Learn About the Benefits of No Mess E-Cig Cartridges

Learn About the Benefits of No Mess E-Cig Cartridges

There are generally two types of e-cig cartridges currently on the market. Users can choose pre-filled cartridges or empty refillable cartridges and there are benefits and down sides to each type which appeal to different users. In most cases, the choice is purely preference but every user can find something great about cartridges that can be changed or refilled without any mess.

Convenience for On the Go Vaping

Changing or refilling e-cig cartridges while running around all day can seem like a nearly impossible task to complete without making a mess. However, with the right cartridges, drips and spills can be avoided so that a cartridge can be changed or refilled and the user will not have to worry about getting liquid or oil all over their hands or surfaces around the cartridge.

How Do E-Cig Cartridges Work?

The different types of electronic cigarette cartridges all have ways which they could leak while being changed or refilled. Usually, one side of the cartridge connects to the atomizer or coil and this part has the connection to screw into the battery. The other side connects to a mouthpiece or drip tip and allows vapor to be delivered to the user.

* A cartridge may have fiber or netting inside and this holds the liquid or oil to be heated by the atomizer or coil. The user can either drip liquid or oil onto the fiber or purchase prefilled cartridges. When refilling or changing, the mouthpiece is removed and the atomizer or coil comes out of the cartridge. When this happens, liquid or oil left in the cartridge may drip out or splash. Also, when putting the unit together, the same can happen if the cartridge is overfilled.

* Some cartridges are completely empty and look more like tanks, only smaller. In this case, filling or changing a cartridges poses the risk of liquid spilling out is great if the user doesn’t really know what they’re doing or doesn’t have a flat surface to stand the cartridge up on while assembling the unit.

* Even a seasoned user can accidentally overfill a cartridge or open one up and find it is defective. If the cartridge is overfilled, there is really no way to take out the excess liquid or oil especially with cartridges where the liquid is dripped onto a fiber filler.

Quality Cartridges for Best Usage

Users who are just starting out with personal vaporizers may not want to spend a lot on the components of their electronic cigarette but quality e-cig cartridges are really worth the extra money. No executive or on the go user wants to end up with drips on their pocket or spills in their purse. Medepen.com offers several affordable options for no mess cartridges and the pinnacle of discreet and stylish vape pens. Find out more today!

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