Knowing the Different Kinds of Dentures in Dearborn Heights

Knowing the Different Kinds of Dentures in Dearborn Heights

Receiving dentures after tooth loss is advisable for several reasons. Often aesthetic considerations play a significant role, particularly in the absence of incisors. Medical aspects also encourage the use of a prosthesis. Not only does it restore a person’s chewing function but it also protects any healthy teeth that remain. There are different versions of Dentures in Dearborn Heights that are available to you, and they are listed below.

Fixed Prosthesis


A bridge is frequently used, when only a gap between teeth exists. The bridge is adapted to fill a gap of up to three missing teeth. The abutment teeth where the bridge is anchored by crowns will be repaired in order to create space and support the bridge. The prosthesis is attached to the crowns and glued in place. Particularly common materials used are gold or steel.


A dental crown is placed over a tooth in order to restore the shape, size or thickness. It also covers any optical flaws. The crown encloses the entire visible part of the tooth. To strengthen around the abutment tooth, dental bridge crowns are used. Crowns are usually manufactured from metals like gold, ceramic, or plastic. Modern American Dental Clinic specializes in Dentures in Dearborn Heights and they will be glad to assist you in any way possible.


With the help of porcelain veneers, unsightly or misaligned teeth can once again be beautiful. A veneer is made of ceramic or plastic and is bonded to the teeth. The veneer is either made by the dentist or in a dental laboratory through the help of a dental impression.

Removable Dentures


Just like the bridge, a partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth. The difference from a bridge is that the partial denture is removed, leaving a base metal frame with plastic coating sitting on artificial teeth, anchored to surrounding healthy teeth.


A full denture is used when there are no longer any natural teeth left. This is usually the case for the elderly. The prosthesis consists of a plastic base, which is adapted to the color of the gums and plastic teeth. The prosthesis consists of one piece and is connected to the upper or lower jaw.


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