Knowing It Is Time for Back Pain Treatment in Madison WI

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Pain Management

Many individuals suffer from back pain every year. It has become a common problem and this has caused many individuals suffering from pain to avoid seeing a doctor because they assume the pain they feel is normal. There are many signs it is time to have Back Pain Treatment in Madison WI.

If the Pain Is Constant

If the pain in the back is constant and refuses to go away, this is a sign that it is time to have treatments done. The first thing to try is over-the-counter medicine and plenty of rest. If this is not effective, it is time to have quality Back Pain Treatment in Madison WI. Another sign is if the pain shoots down the arms or legs. This is considered severe back pain and should be treated right away.

The Arms and Legs Tingle or Feel Numb

If areas of the body like the arms and legs either tingle or if they feel numb at any time, this is not a good sign. This means something is severely wrong with the back and it needs professional help before matters become worse.

There Is Pain at Night

It is wise to keep close track of the back pain all day long. It is also important to note whether or not the pain gets worse whenever the individual goes to bed at night. If this is the case, this means the pain is something more serious and should be treated immediately.

Fever Paired With Weight Loss and Back Pain

If the individual has a fever over 101 degrees, this is a sign that an infection is in the body. If the back pain leads to a fever and if the individual starts losing a large amount of weight without changing their diet, these are signs it is time for professional help as soon as possible. Not seeking treatment could lead to more severe issues that could be resolved by receiving treatment as soon as the symptoms are evident.

These are the main signs that mean it is wise to have back pain treatments. Contact QC Kinetix (Madison – NE) for more information or visit to book an appointment today. They help people of all ages get rid of pain and feel great again, get back to doing what they love, and stay active without relying on medications or shots. view Testimonials.

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