Key Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney

If you’re like most people, you expected to collect Social Security when you retired, not before. But life never goes as planned, and if you’ve been disabled through work or an illness, you’ll need to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. Fortunately, there are disability lawyers out there that can help. And here are some benefits to using one.

No Money Down

Unless your disability attorney in Maryville wants a small retention to cover paperwork, you don’t pay an upfront fees with these legal professionals. They will usually take a percentage of your earnings when you win your case.

Assist With Paperwork

You’re going to have a lot of paperwork when you file for disability, and your attorney can help ensure you fill it out correctly and get it to the appropriate party. Typically what happens initially is a representative from your attorney’s office, such as a paralegal, will fill out your claim as you answer her questions. She’ll then upload it to the Social Security database.

Relieve Stress

Filing for disability is a long and often frustrating process. Your disability attorney from Maryville can help relieve your stress by assuring you that she’ll do everything she can to help you win your case. She may also encourage you that your chances of winning are greater if you’re over 50.

Be An Advocate at Your Hearing

Your disability lawyer probably spends most of her time in court. She knows the judges and the types of questions they ask. And she can instruct you on what to wear and how to answer questions to improve your chances of winning.

Help You Get Back Pay

Because most disability cases go to the hearing level, you stand to gain a significant amount of backpay with the help of your disability attorney in Maryville. And your chances of getting this money by representing yourself are not good.

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