Keep Your Kitchen Safe With a St. Paul, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Air Conditioning

For most restaurant owners and their employees the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen is the St. Paul, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust. Commercial kitchen vent systems are designed to remove not only the excess heat from the room, but also the smoke, grease and various gases as well. Most of this control is handled by the type and shape of the hood itself. For example, large cooking areas have overhead ventilation systems that typically vent the exhaust through the ceiling or roof of the building. Smaller vents may be a little more similar to the hoods you see over the stoves in many homes, with the exception of size.

In some cases the St. Paul, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust can be considered as a safety device along with the utilitarian function it serves. These exhaust systems are generally called a Type I exhaust and are used to remove hot vapors, grease and gases in turn decreasing the hazard to your kitchen staff. However, this requires keeping the devices in proper working order. This usually entails more than simply cleaning any excess oil from the vent covers or washing the grease filters. Vent hoods and exhaust systems generally require large exhaust fans and industrial strength motors to keep them running. Along with the exhaust aspects some vents also include a fresh air return system to help replace the air lost by the huge blowers. Keeping these fans clean and the motors functional is vital to their purpose and usually requires the help of a specialist.

Understanding the need for installing a commercial kitchen exhaust also requires you understand the local ordinances for food establishments. In most areas of the country a kitchen exhaust or ventilation system is required by law, however, these laws vary and the requirements for the type of kitchen you have will change the minimum size and type of ventilation you need to install. Along with standard kitchen type exhaust systems you may find you need the Type II exhaust system to pull the steam and other vapors from the dish washing unit. While the two systems are similar, the Type II exhaust must be able to handle excess moisture without damage to electrical components. To ensure you have the proper equipment installed make certain your job is handled by a professional contractor such as Altemp Mechanical Inc.


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