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Routine, professional cleaning and rug restoration keeps your prized pieces structurally sound and looking superb for the duration. Cleaning removes debris, dirt and microbes that can compromise the integrity of your priceless rug’s weave. Similarly, competent reconstruction restores your rug to its former glory. Here’s a basic intro to what’s available.

Types of Rug Cleaning

There are several types of rug cleaning to consider. A deep washing is a treatment for the whole rug entailing the use of compressed air and special cleaning chemicals. The chemicals do not adversely affect rug dyes or weave. Combined with compressed air, deep washing techniques carefully dislodge dust and soil prior to the main shampoo stage.

Color run removal and pet stain removal are two other, more localized forms of rug cleaning. With each type a gifted, seasoned specialist utilizes custom materials and substances to address (by hand) instances of running color and pet stains in your invaluable antique rug.

Types of Rugs to Clean and Restore

Contact rug restoration, and you’ll discover that rug restoration isn’t just for a persian rug in New York City. Whether your rug is hand-knotted or power-loomed, there are appropriate restoration techniques. Other viable candidates include Aubusson, kilim, American hooked, Turkish varieties and masterpieces of needlepoint.

Cleaning may incorporate many of the techniques mentioned above. Restoration techniques depend on the rug in question, but they may include edge re-weaving, repair of holes, re-dyeing, shearing of excess pile as well as the removal and replacement of dead pile with living pile.

Contact rug restoration experts, and find out why we are the leading provider of premier cleaning and restoration services for Persian rug New York City.

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