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Getting fit has never been more fun when you join us at The Max Challenge for the best fitness program for women Glen Cove NY. This program is not like what you do at a regular gym. You will not stand around and lift weights or spend an entire hour on the treadmill. Our experienced instructors offer a combination of strength training and cardio that help you burn calories and fat and get stronger with more muscle mass.

Our workout is a challenge. The Max Challenge is a ten-week course that is designed for all people, no matter what your current level of fitness is. If you usually take walks or jogs for exercise, you will enjoy the change of routine and motivation that The Max Challenge offers. If you need the instructor to modify one of the exercises for you, that is no problem. We can modify an exercise to accommodate your fitness level or to prevent an aggravation of a past injury.

In addition to the invigorating workouts that are a part of The Max Challenge, we also offer motivation. The instructors encourage you throughout every course. Another aspect of The Max Challenge is nutritional counseling. By making some healthy changes to your diet and adding an intense workout routine, you will get noticeable results. Just seeing yourself in the mirror a few weeks after you start The Max Challenge will be inspiration and motivation enough to keep you coming back. Join us on your own or bring a group of your friends along.

Contact us at THE MAX Challenge of Glen Cove today to sign up for the best fitness program for women Glen Cove NY. You may also visit us online to learn more about our fitness program.

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