Investment in Property in Navi Mumbai Panvel can be your Midas Touch

Investment in Property in Navi Mumbai Panvel can be your Midas Touch

Navi Mumbai was meant to be a satellite city that could take away some of the dense population from Mumbai and relieve some pressure on its faltering civic infrastructure. It has worked well so far but could have been handled better. Lack of willingness of the authorities to push for the rapid development of Navi Mumbai is among one of the prime reasons. The story of Panvel could however be different. People are buying property in Navi Mumbai Panvel as the town is slowly but steadily attracting investors and realtors’ attention.

There are enough indications that Panvel could become as good as or even bigger than Navi Mumbai and can take off a substantial amount of load off Mumbai as well. Panvel is the gateway to the MMR or Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Panvel provides quick and easy access to the main hinterland of Maharashtra that lies to its east and south. It provides effortless and swift access to Pune as well. There are other dramatic developments taking place here.

Fast Developing Infrastructure

With the new international airport in Navi Mumbai almost a certainty, Panvel has a promising if not brilliant future. The proximity to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, JNPT is another major asset. The dedicated freight corridor and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor could transform the place unrecognizably in the near future. The rail connectivity is remarkably good and the road development work is going on at good pace. So, Panvel is poised for a great future. Quite naturally, Property In Navi Mumbai Panvel is becoming dearer by the day.

The Panvel-Matheran road is buzzing with construction activity. There are as many as 11 projects from top builders coming up in 2012. Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority, MMRDA is going to revise the regional plan for the area. The biggest advantage is that land is more abundantly and easily available in Panvel than in Mumbai or even Navi Mumbai. Once it is opened up for development, the possibilities could be quite exciting. Land prices have increased three-fold in just four years. It is abundantly clear that Panvel is leading the real estate Navi Mumbai charge.

The Place Holds Truly Exciting Investment Possibilitie

People are fed up of staying in match-box type accommodation and yearning for more. They want more open spaces, playgrounds and better amenities. Middle class home buyers are rushing to buy flats and apartments in Panvel because they can get fantastic amenities and at a fraction of the cost of what they would have to spend on buying a flat in Mumbai.

Panvel is naturally blessed with abundant greenery. Infrastructure development is progressing on a war-footing here. All this makes buying property in Navi Mumbai Panvel the most sensible real estate investment decision. There are numerous options to choose from as top builders have already started their projects in different areas of Panvel.

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