Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis: How To Get Medical Records

Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis: How To Get Medical Records

When you are doing business with injury lawyers in Indianapolis it is likely to be because you were in an accident that was not your fault. When this happens there are a lot of different reasons why someone might need to obtain a copy of your medical records. In fact, the injury lawyers in Indianapolis are going to tell you that the medical records are a crucial piece of evidence in proving your case. For example, imagine pursuing a personal injury claim for a vehicular accident. You would want medical records that verify that you sustained injuries that were caused by the accident. Furthermore, your medical records need to indicate that it is without doubt that the accident caused the injuries. You would want this information so the other driver’s lawyer cannot argue that the injury was caused by a previous condition.

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes it easy for anyone to obtain their medical records. In fact, it is your right to obtain your records from any provider. It is safe to assume there are some exceptions and restrictions to obtaining a medical record. These exceptions include things such as who can get a medical record and what kind of medical record you can get.

The easiest way for someone to access person’s medical records is for that individual person to go get their own records. After an accident, however, getting your own medical records may not be a very easy task. Fortunately, you can grant someone written permission to get your medicals for you. It is not uncommon for someone to grant their personal injury lawyer written person to obtain their medical records for them. If you are trying to get the medical records of a child, the parent would have the right to obtain those. Furthermore, there are also limited rights on who can access the medical records of a deceased person as well.

Thanks to HIPPA it is possible for you to get a copy of any and all of your records. The only record that you are not going to be able to get is one that has psychotherapists’ notes on them. You would also not be able to access anything that is being prepared to use in court.

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