Information to Help You Get Crowns In Tuscaloosa

Information to Help You Get Crowns In Tuscaloosa

When damage occurs to your teeth, it can range from mild to serious. Some minor damage may not affect the health of your tooth and can simply be repaired. If you have severe damage, the stability of your tooth can become compromised. When this happens, it is imperative you seek dental treatment right away. The dentist has many options when it comes to repairing a tooth. Whether your tooth damage occurred through a cavity or an injury, you can Get Crowns In Tuscaloosa and have the damage sealed and repaired.

What Can You Expect When You Get Crowns In Tuscaloosa?

If you have a severe cavity, it can eat away at the structure of your tooth. This can cause the tooth to crumble and eventually break or fall out. To help avoid this severe damage, a dentist will first fill the cavity and remove as much of the decayed tooth tissue as possible. Once filled, your tooth may still be unstable. When this happens, chewing can cause your tooth to completely break and it can be painful.

In these situations, the dentist will normally make the decision you need a crown. Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials, including resin, porcelain, stainless steel and gold, silver or platinum. You have a choice in the type of crown you will receive, but most people choose porcelain because it most resembles a natural tooth.

The dentist will first carefully shape your natural tooth, rounding the corners and making them smaller. This process will allow the tooth to easily fit in the crown so there is a snug and secure fit. Once the tooth is shaped, the crown will be fitted and then adhered to the tooth, using a special hardening cement that makes it a permanent part of your existing tooth.

For those interested in learning more about dental crowns and how the procedure is carried out, contact Get Crowns In Tuscaloosa. They will be happy to make you an appointment and can show you the different dental treatments that can be used to care for your teeth and improve your smile.

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