In-Wall Small Surround Sound Speakers Guide

In-Wall Small Surround Sound Speakers Guide

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers have become best-sellers in the audio equipment industry. These loud, yet small surround sound speakers are ideal for individuals who want high quality sound without having to sacrifice floor or shelf space. In-wall speakers can also remain hidden to avoid the abundance of wires and audio equipment that can plague the rooms of your house. Here you’ll find several important things to consider when buying in-wall or in-ceiling small surround sound speakers for your home.

How They Work
In-wall speakers work in the same way as a traditional speaker except that it’s installed inside a wall or ceiling. By mounting surround sound speakers into the wall cavity, you can create more bass than you could achieve with a stand-alone speaker of the same size. Both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers contain paintable grilles, allowing you to camouflage them in your wall or ceiling. These speakers can be found in square or spherical shapes, depending on your personal tastes. Before choosing speakers, you must first determine where and how they’ll be used.

Key Features
There are several things to consider when comparing surround sound speakers. Some in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be found with swiveling tweeters. This allows the user to angle the sound towards a preferred listening area. Speakers that feature bass and treble controls can also be beneficial, allowing you to customize the sound according to the size of your space. If you plan to install your speakers in a humid room, such as the kitchen or bathroom, ensure that you choose a moisture-resistant model.

High Quality Wiring
It’s critical to match your high grade audio equipment with high quality wiring when dealing with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The wiring used for this project should be approved for in-wall runs for safety reasons. Check your local fire and building code and buy wire accordingly.

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