In Need of Pet Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA?

Keeping your pet well groomed isn’t just about their appearance and smell. Dogs can suffer from discomfort and pain if they aren’t groomed properly. Dogs that have overgrown nails can have difficulty walking. This can present trouble with keeping balance. Dogs that have overgrown coats are at risk for matting, which can cause discomfort, as it can pull against the skin. Matted fur can also collect feces and bacteria, giving your pet an infection. It is also very irritating to their skin.

Our Groomers Take Care of the Problem

When you take advantage of pet cleaning in Alexandria, VA at Hayfield Animal Hospital, you have a long list of services at your disposal. Dogs aren’t the only animals that can be properly groomed at our facility. Your parrot can have her wings clipped by one of our groomers, making it harder for your pet to fly away. This reduces the chances of your bird escaping.

Ear cleaning may help in animals who suffer from hearing loss. When earwax builds up, it can often be mistaken for permanent hearing loss. Brush outs are another important service performed on cats and dogs to remove excess fur. This can help prevent hair balls.

It is difficult to bathe a pet, but our groomers are skilled at getting your animal clean. You won’t have to deal with them jumping out of the tub, making a mess, ever again.

This is Your Place to Get Pet Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA

To get a quote or make an appointment for pet cleaning services, consider giving us to get more information about our services.

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