Improve Your Smile

When you have unattractive teeth, it can change the way that others treat you. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, then it is time to consider cosmetic dentistry Louisville Ky., treatments for your teeth. Today, there are many ways to improve the condition of your teeth or gums so that you can have an improved facial appearance. To eliminate the difficult stains on your teeth, choose professional teeth whitening rather than using a store-bought product. Your dentist can protect your gums before applying the strong hydrogen peroxide solution that will lift beverage stains from your teeth.

Gum Surgery

The natural aging process can affect the appearance of your gum, but with a cosmetic dentistry Louisville Ky., dentist, it is possible to repair gum problems. If your gums are receding, then you can have gum surgery to cover the roots of your teeth. Receding gums can give you an unattractive appearance, but these crevices are also dangerous because food particles collect in the openings. To prevent periodontal disease, your dentist can use tissue from the palate of your own mouth to cover the crevice.

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If you have old fillings or crowns, then it is possible to have the restorations replaced with materials that match the color of your other teeth. First, your dentist will collect X-rays of your teeth to make sure that your mouth is healthy. The old fillings are removed with special tools before the new color-matching resin is placed in the cavity, and this material dries in only a few minutes. New dental crowns are made at a laboratory using the proper measurements, and after the dentist removes the old crown, the new one is placed over the tooth. Contact Moore Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with our website at

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