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Benzene has long been used in a number of diverse job fields and workplace environments. This substance is naturally found within crude oil and is often added as a chemical base agent to many other petroleum-based engine and machinery products. Read some of these important legal tips from an experienced benzene exposure lawyer from Chicago IL.

Job Fields that Pose a High Risk of Benzene Exposure

Many factory jobs and job positions that require work on engines or other machinery will often involve petroleum-based products that can expose employees nearby to harmful exposure levels. These job fields also include steel plants, agricultural businesses, automobile assembly and repair positions, railroad employees and firefighters among many other job categories.

Be Alert to Exposure Risks

Despite past company claims of little to no risks associated with this substance, experts caution that no exposure level is completely safe. Other commonly encountered products include household cleaning supplies and lawn or garden pesticides.

Workers in the Motor Vehicle Fuel & Tire Industries Are Also at Risk

Many workers at local garages, gas stations, tire companies and auto repair shops often come in contact with solvents, lubricants and other petroleum containing products known to contain high levels of benzene. This chemical can also be breathed in if downwind of tires or other related materials being burned or incinerated. A sincere benzene exposure lawyer in Chicago advises anyone in these job fields to alert the medical doctors of their exposure risk. Contact Benzene Lawyers today.

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