Important Facts About Root Canals

While many patients view root canals with fear and skepticism, the procedure is not as frightening or confusing as it may seem. In fact, if a local dentist recommends a Root Canal Glenview, they do so because it is the right way to treat a damaged tooth. In this brief guide, patients will find out how a root canal may be necessary to prove their oral health.

Why Do Patients Need Root Canals?

During a root canal, diseased and damaged tissues are removed. There are two goals: to preserve the tooth to the extent possible and to prevent a possible extraction in the patient’s future. Dentists may recommend a Root Canal Glenview once decay, damage, or infection has gotten to the pulp of the tooth. When a tooth has been severely damaged, a root canal is typically the right treatment for the patient.

What Should a Patient Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are done under a local anaesthetic so there won’t be any sensitivity or pain during the procedure. When people come into the office for root canals, they’re usually in a great deal of pain and are desperate for relief. Thankfully, a root canal can provide that relief as the infected parts of the tooth are removed. Once that’s done, the dentist will reconstruct the tooth to prevent the re-entry of bacteria. In most instances, the placement of a dental crown will be necessary to protect the tooth and restore it back to full, painless functionality.

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