Ideas for Vintage Coffee Table Runners

Ideas for Vintage Coffee Table Runners

If you want a coffee table runner that has an elegant or quirky charm, you can purchase or make a vintage-style coffee table runner. Place a white or black lace table runner over a white or beige linen tablecloth. Lace blends well with linen, and it especially goes well in dining rooms that have a Victorian or colonial theme.

If your girl has a dark wooden play table in her room, put a bold colored, crocheted table runner on it and you sew rhinestones on the table runner.

Christmas Themed Embroidered Table Runners

For the holiday season, you can make Christmas theme coffee embroidered table runners in cheerful colors such as red, green, gold and silver. You can embroider the family last name on the runners or embroider Christmas designs such as snowmen, pinecones or snowflakes. Embroidered table runners add a vintage touch to your coffee table and it will impress guests that come to your home.

Bohemian Style Fringe Colorblock Table Runner

If you’re a huge fan of all things from the 1960s, purchase a bohemian style, fringe color-block table runner at RedLetterWords. Fringe purses and fringe quilts were popular in the 60s and color-block is a style where clothing or other pieces of fabric are designed in two tones. Some good color combinations for this kind of table runner include orange/green, pink/yellow, lime green/white and purple/blue.

Americana Plaid Coffee Table Runner

Americana style has a simple, yet earthy look and if you’re renovating the living room this way, you can place a multicolored or single colored plaid table runner over a light colored table. On top of the table runner, place a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruit or some photos of you and the family stapled to the runner.

Ruffled Table Runner

For a country western look, you can place a few ruffled table runners on the coffee tables that you’re using for the reception. Buy the ruffled table runners in the colors that best match your wedding’s theme. If a loved one is a talented seamstress, have them sew some cute designs on the table runners.


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