How Your Family Dentist In Highland Park Deals With Gum Disease

Gingivitis, the process that is characterized by inflammation of the gums, also involves swelling, redness and bleeding. It is one of the most common periodontal diseases in both children and adults. Only 3% of people can boast and say they have absolutely healthy gums. How can you get into such a small percentage of the lucky ones? The answer is simple – follow the necessary measures to prevent gum disease, see your Family Dentist in Highland Park regularly and make sure you keep an eye out for the innocuous signs of the incipient disease.

Gingivitis is the last of all diseases in periodontics, in which the inflammatory process can still be stopped. Followed by periodontal disease it is a disease in which inflammation proceeds to other periodontal tissues. From this moment, the treatment is only based on the breeding of disease. Therefore, gingivitis in children and adults requires special attention in order to avoid serious problems with periodontal disease.

Internal factors include:

* Traumatic gum dentition – the eruption of wisdom teeth

* Vitamin deficiency, (most often a lack of vitamin C and zinc)

* Weakened immune system

* Metabolic disorder

* Allergies

* Diabetes

* Stress, mental illness

* Anomalies and various deformations of the gums

* Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

External causes:

* Physical (trauma, burns)

* Chemical (the influence of aggressive substances)

* Medical (incorrectly imposed seal, improperly installed veneers, wearing braces, etc.)

* Bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking, etc.)

* Biological (infectious process)

* Hygiene (thorough inadequate hygiene)

Inflammation may develop in different ways. Chronic catarrhal gingivitis occurs most often because of poor hygienic measures or as a result of injuries to the gum. Hypertrophic gingivitis is triggered by crowding teeth because of improperly installed seals or a dental crowns, as well as changes in hormonal levels, for example, during pregnancy or in adolescence (juvenile gingivitis). Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is usually caused by an infectious process. It occurs due to activation of two microorganisms on the background of a weakened immune system, exposure to cold, stress or malnutrition.

Seeing your Family Dentist in Highland Park is vital if you want to fight gingivitis properly. Your dentist will also explain how important routine daily oral hygiene is. Visit the North Suburban Dental of Highland Park for more information.

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