How Your Dentist Lubbock TX Can Get Rid of Cavities Using Lasers

How Your Dentist Lubbock TX Can Get Rid of Cavities Using Lasers

The processing of a tooth using a laser sends panic to most patients. However, the pulse frequency of the beam is so high that the nerve cells do not have time to react to this procedure. Accordingly, it is completely painless. In addition, the tooth is prepared by washing it under cold running water, which prevents overheating of the pulp and, consequently, its atrophy.

Every day in medicine, there are various new items, which facilitates all kinds of manipulations. One that is especially popular is the laser. Its active use is in surgery, both cosmetic as well as in general dentistry. This makes it possible for some people to visit their local Dentist Lubbock TX without stress.

Advantages of using laser

It should be noted that the use of a laser makes it possible to treat the teeth without pain. Furthermore, the use of this technology gives dentists the possibility to handle a cavity without the risk of overheating of surrounding tissues (such as the pulp, mucous or solid teeth tissues). During processing, the cavity under the influence of the laser is an excellent prevention of secondary caries and other complications. It should also be noted that patients noticed a significant reduction concerning sensitivity of teeth, which is also an undisputed advantage. This procedure is completely safe and can be used during pregnancy, intolerances (because it requires no anesthesia), as well as in the treatment of caries in children.

Disadvantages of laser treatment

Despite the considerable number of advantages in this type of treatment, it has its drawbacks. These include the risk of damage to the oral mucosa. In the future, such wounds take a while to heal. Also, please note that this is still a laser and dentists need to comply with all necessary safety measures when working with them. During treatment, the patient and the Dentist Lubbock TX must use special glasses to protect eyes from exposure to the laser.

Laser therapy technology

Due to the fact that the carious tooth structure undergoes dense layering changes, it responds differently to the impact of the laser beam. In other words, healthy tissue remains intact, while the affected is under the influence of laser beam. The duration of the preparation is considerably reduced when compared with using a conventional dental drill.

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