How Vehicle Suspension Services in Chesapeake, VA, Improve Your Ride

The quality of your suspension not only gives you a more comfortable ride, but also protects the components of your vehicle from damage. Here are three reasons to have suspension services for your vehicle.

Tire Wear

Vehicles with poor suspension tend to pull when you are turning. The excess force that is placed on the vehicle results in wear and tear on your tires. It may also affect the alignment of the front end. The pulling is a sign that your shocks need to be replaced to keep the vehicle stable while turning.

Shorter Lifetime for Your Brakes

When your suspension is not performing as designed, the entire vehicle is subjected to excessive forces that must be overcome to stop the vehicle. This shortens the lifetime of your brakes. Vehicle suspension services in Chesapeake, VA, replaces the worn parts so your brakes can stop your car better.

Poor Gas Mileage

Having bad suspension on your vehicle makes the engine work harder, and this means that you go through gas quicker. Replacing the suspension reduces the stress on your engine, and you save money on fuel.

Where to Find Vehicle Suspension Services in Chesapeake, VA

London Bridge Auto & Transmission Repair can replace the old suspension on your vehicle and help you avoid these problems. Call them today to schedule an appointment or stop by their location. You can also learn about their other services by visiting their website at

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