How to Treat Teeth Sensitivity: Dental Clinic Mankato MN

How to Treat Teeth Sensitivity: Dental Clinic Mankato MN

If a bite into ice cream or a sip of hot coffee makes you wince from painful tooth sensation, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Although tooth decay or a broken or chipped tooth can cause hypersensitivity, often it is due to the exposure of the root of the tooth from recession of the gums. Learn more about the causes and treatment of tooth hypersensitivity from the Dental Clinic Mankato MN.

Teeth Sensitivity Causes

The protective layer of enamel on teeth is the strongest substance in your body. Due to foods, beverages and in some cases genetics, this layer may wear away and expose the softer layer of dentin that contains small connections to the nervous tissue in the root. When cold, hot or sweet substances come into contact with this layer of dentin, you may experience the painful sensation of nerve pain. If you do experience teeth pain, always report your concerns to your local Dental Clinic Mankato MN as soon as possible.

Despite your good oral hygiene, it is still possible to acquire a condition called gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Crowded teeth may be in a bad position and cause the tooth to push or pull on the gums. Over time, the gum becomes irritated and begins to recede. As the gums wear down and pulls away from the bottom of the tooth, the dentin, which contains connections to the nerve in the tooth, become sensitive when exposed to cold, hot and sweet foods.

Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

For mild pain, your dentist at your local Dental Clinic Mankato MN may recommend toothpaste that is designed to reduce the impact of tooth sensitivity. When choosing over-the-counter products for oral care, ensure that the product displays the American Dental Association’s Seal of Approval to maintain assured safety of your dental health. For more moderate cases of teeth sensitivity, your dentist can apply fluoride treatments and provide other desensitizing agents to help reduce the painful reaction to foods, tooth-brushing or flossing.

For advanced cases, you may need to visit your Dental Clinic Mankato MN for teeth bonding materials that are applied to teeth, cover the dentin layer and protect the nervous tissue. Frequent cleanings may be needed if gingivitis is associated to teeth sensitivity from plaque buildup on teeth. Ensure your dental health and report any signs of tooth sensitivity for the best treatment outcomes.

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