How to Select a Kosher Catering Service in Short Hills

How to Select a Kosher Catering Service in Short Hills

Hiring a catering service isn’t an easy task, and this can be even more complicated when you have to use a company that only produces kosher food. If you have a special moment coming up in your life, it is a good idea to get the food taken care of as soon as possible, so you can move forward with planning other, more important aspects of your event. If you have never hired a kosher caterer before, you may not know the best way to go about doing so. Don’t trust just anyone, make sure you choose a company that you can trust to take your dietary needs into consideration. Here are a few tips to help you select a company that will provide quality food you can trust.

Tour Facilities

Just because a caterer says their food is kosher, doesn’t mean that is the truth. The only way to verify this for yourself is to request a tour of their facilities. You will be able to see for yourself that they prepare and store food in the proper manner. Don’t trust everything you hear. Make sure you take the time to verify all of the information for yourself so you can feel good about the food you eat.

Sample Food

The Kosher Catering Service in Short Hills that you use should provide you with samples of the food that they can provide for your event. If they don’t provide samples, you have no way of knowing if they can prepare the items you want. They shouldn’t require a deposit or any money upfront to provide samples, but instead should do this for free so you can decide before investing any of your money or time.


Hiring a Kosher Catering Service in Short Hills can be more expensive than a traditional caterer. This is due to the extra precautions that must be taken. If possible, get quotes from a variety of companies so you know you are paying a fair price for the food that you request. This can make it easier to afford all the festivities of your special occasion.

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