How To Save Money On A Garage Door Fix In Frisco

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Garage Doors

As with all household appliances, there is a checklist of things you should do before you have to spend big money for a service call. No matter what the issue, always check the power source. For bigger household appliances such as an air conditioning unit there may be one or two power sources so double check before you call. Even an issues like a garage door fix in Frisco may be easy to fix on your own after you have checked a couple of issues.

After you have checked the power source for your garage door for instance, check the mechanism by which you are trying to operate the door. Often times when the remotes don’t work but the wall exchange does, there may be a simple fix to the remote. First, try the power source or in other words the battery. If this does not fix the door, double check that the remotes and the operator itself are on the same frequency or code.

One problem that is often overlooked and is as simple of a fix as a power supply issue to correct, is to look at the photo eye’s connection. The photo eye must be in line with its receptacle in order for the garage door to shut. In some cases the door will only attempt to close a little and then return to its original position. A simple adjustment to the eye will help the door move slowly and accurately into place.

Another common problem that happens to a garage door is that a cable has snapped. It is interesting to know that there is only an average number of lifts that a particular spring will be able to do over its average lifespan. Once the springs have broken there is not easy fix and a professional must be called for a garage door fix in Frisco must be called.

Other issues such as a worn out motor or rails being worn out require a professional to make adjustments or replace or repair as needed. The lifespan for typical hardware parts on a garage door last anywhere from five to ten years. Depending on your use keep this in mind and pay more for springs, cables and motors if you use your door more often.

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