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Has some of your wood siding started to rot? If only some of the siding is rotting, it’s not necessary to replace the siding entirely. Simply follow these easy steps to replace the rotted boards.

How to repair wood siding

Hardboard siding that is correctly installed and maintained can last for up to 40 years. However, without proper care and attention, some parts of the wood siding can start to rot after a mere two or three years, especially the siding near the foundation. Ground water can splash up and soak some of the siding, which then leads to rotting.

Replacing the rotted siding can drastically improve the appearance of your home. Here are some tips for repairing and replacing siding:

  • Replace the whole course. Hardboard siding is not super expensive, so it is usually worth it to replace the whole course, as this helps you avoid any unnecessary butt joints.
  • Prime the siding. Make sure to prime both the back and edges of the new siding, then paint all of the exposed edges and grooves thoroughly.
  • Do not drive the nails flush. Try to avoid driving the nails flush or countersinking them, since the heads of the nails will then break the paper face and allow water to soak in and rot and deteriorate the siding. Make sure to caulk any nail heads that do break the paper face.
  • Install gutters. Install new gutters or repair your leaky gutters in order to prevent water from splashing on your siding. You can also adjust your lawn sprinklers, so that they don’t hit and soak your siding.
  • Replace rotted areas with fiber-cement siding. Consider replacing any rotted areas in your siding with fiber-cement siding, as this material has a similar cost to hardboard and is highly rot resistant. It also carries a 50-year warranty.

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