How to Prepare Your University Apartment in Austin for When You Go on Break

You may love living in the university apartments in Austin, but when it’s time to go on break, you’re ready to leave it all at the drop of a hat. However, before you take that long break, you and your roomies will want to leave your apartment in a way that it’s safe and secure for your return. If not, you might have an unwanted surprise when you get back.

Empty the Fridge

If everyone is gone longer than a week, then you should clear your fridge of most food. Use this task as an excuse to make a dish out of what’s good in there. You can also freeze some foods. The goal is not to waste anything that’s still good and to have a fresh and clean refrigerator when you get back.

Clean Up the House

Home sweet home is a lot sweeter when you come back, and it’s clean. Take the time to tidy up before you go, even if you’re in a rush. The last thing you want to do is clean up a dirty apartment after a long break.

Unplug All Non-Essential Items

You can save money and protect your apartment from fire by unplugging all non-essential electronics while you’re away. Items such as lamps, toasters, TVs, media players, heaters and the like present a small but unnecessary risk of fire and consume energy even when turned off.

Protect Your Valuables

Although safety is generally not a concern with our apartments and security is very important to us, it’s important to take some measures to secure your valuables. Have a few safe spots to put your most valuable possessions. For the ones that you treasure the most, you may have to entrust them to a close friend or family member. For the rest, spread them over a few different secure hiding spots to help make sure they are secured.

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