How to Manage a Successful Philadelphia Workers Compensation Claim

How to Manage a Successful Philadelphia Workers Compensation Claim

Getting injured on the job is probably every worker’s worst nightmare. One day you’re working as usual and able to support your family and then, suddenly, you’re injured and forced to rely on the support of friends and family to handle your bills. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be tempting to simply give up and hope for the best, but you should know that you do have options. One of the leading Philadelphia Workers Compensation lawyers recommends that anyone who has been injured in an accident at work or relating to work should schedule a consultation with a licensed and experienced attorney who can provide customized legal advice, but before you talk with a professional, it’s important to organize your information so that you have all the details that are necessary for a successful compensation claim.

You should start by assembling all medical records relating to your injury, including doctor and hospital bills, prescription receipts, physical therapy information, and explanations of benefits received from your insurance provider. Make copies of all of these items and place the original in a safe place, preferably an accordion-style folder with multiple dividers. The next step is to contact any physician that has treated you for this injury and request a copy of your records that are held by the doctor. Do the same with any other medical entity that has treated you, whether it be a hospital, walk-in clinic, or other type of care provider. By law, patients are entitled to their individual records and cannot be denied. These records typically take a minimum of ten business days to receive, so plan to request them in plenty of time prior to meeting with a lawyer. Finally, talk to the manager of your company’s human resources department and ask for copies of all accident reports that were filed at the time of your injury. Again, this is something that you are legally entitled to.

Having all of this information will enable your attorney to develop a better understanding of the circumstances and status of your injury, which will allow him or her to recommend the best option for you moving forward. Take the advice of one of the most experienced Philadelphia Workers Compensation attorneys to receive your rightful compensation and get back on the job. Click here for more information.

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