How to Know Your House Needs a New Roof in Oklahoma City OK

How to Know Your House Needs a New Roof in Oklahoma City OK

If you own an old house, and you have tried your best to repair your roof, it is a high time you considered installing a new roof. Although installing a new roof may prove to be an expensive venture, it is important and inevitable. A new roof will improve the aesthetics of your home and also increase its value. However, you should not entrust your endeavor to just any roofer. You will need a roofer who has experience in installing a New Roof in Oklahoma City OK for a number of years.

Consider repairing your roof if it has the following features;

* If it looks old- The lifespan of a roof ranges from 20 to 25 years. If your roof has surpassed the lifespan, it is time you had a new one installed.

* Buckling of your shingles- When your roof starts to curl due to exposure to extreme weather conditions, you should consider installing a new one. Curled rooftops are weak and not strong enough to hold in case of a storm.

* Debris build up in the roof valleys- What is a roof valley? It is the part of the roof where two shingles meet and they trap water and debris, channeling them to the water gutters. When the valley is filled with dirt, then chances of leaking are high. Consider replacing it or clearing the debris before it is too late.

* Missing rooftops- This may seem odd, but how often do you inspect your roof? Missing shingles can be caused by heavy and strong wind and storms. If you do not replace the missing roof, you can incur extra costs in repair and replacing the entire rooftop. Why will you end up replacing the whole roof? When a part of the roof goes missing, the other shingles will become loose and eventually let go. This is dangerous since shingles have sharp edges, and they can hurt you or your loved ones.

* Presence of termites- Termites are pests that can eat up the inside and outside of your home. It can be difficult to tell where they started and how far they have spread. Therefore, replace your roof and get the beams checked in case they have been weakened.

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