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Since Bitcoin first came out, it has become a worldwide sensation with popularity growing every single day. However, as Bitcoin becomes more well-known and wanted, this has led to more instances of hackers swooping in to steal other individual’s Bitcoin investments. Nobody wants to be the person who logs in and realizes their entire wallet is emptied of all its Bitcoin. The good news is that there are certain options for keeping your cryptocurrency secure that work better than others.

Desktop Wallet Option

So after you purchase Bitcoin at an ATM in Houston, TX, one of your options is to store it in a wallet that is located on your desktop. This is a much better solution than using an online wallet, which has a higher vulnerability to hacking. With a desktop wallet, the only way to access your coins is on your computer using your own security keys. This makes it harder for anyone to break in. However, malware can still lead to a breach in some cases.

Hardware Wallet Option

Even more secure than a desktop wallet is a hardware wallet. This type of wallet is a piece of hardware that might look similar to a USB stick. One of the reasons some individuals appreciate this type of wallet is for the anonymity that is associated with their transaction. Absolutely none of your personal information is included on the hardware so that cannot be leaked. These are also less likely to be affected by malware and if the device is lost, a seed phrase can allow recovery.

Paper Wallet Option

Another option for storing your Bitcoin from an ATM in Houston, TX, is a paper wallet. This is probably best used by those who have a more advanced awareness of how digital currencies like Bitcoin work. You can generate a paper wallet online or offline, depending on your preference, although offline is more secure. The wallet is then stored in a physical location. These are the most anonymous option since all they are is a Bitcoin seed that is included on a piece of paper.

Get Started with Bitcoin

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