How to Get Concrete in Hertfordshire

How to Get Concrete in Hertfordshire

Knowing how to concrete in Hertfordshire is a crucial part of nearly any construction project and must be understood by any builder who is considering a new project.  Builders, especially those will small or one-time projects, may not realise that there are different kinds of concrete for different types of jobs. There are also different methods for delivery of the concrete.

How to Choose Concrete in Hertfordshire

Builders in the UK should understand first, that concrete and cement are not the same thing, and second, that there are eight different types of cement available.  Though most people do not understand the distinction, concrete is not the equivalent of cement but actually is made from cement. Concrete is comprised of four main ingredients: sand, gravel or rock, water, and cement. The proportion of each material and the type of cement used will determine what type of construction the concrete is best for. Cement can be created for general purpose use, for use in sulfate environments that are expected to generate heat, for large projects like dams where water will conduct heat, for projects that require full strength shortly after construction, for high chemical environments, and for air-entrained concrete.  With so many available options, builders should consult with their concrete provider to ensure they are getting the right type or types of concrete for their job.

How to Deliver Concrete in Hertfordshire

Once a builder understands the type of concrete he needs, he must determine how to get the concrete to his construction site.  Many companies choose ready mixed concrete for their projects. This type of concrete is measured and mixed at a plant before being loaded into a truck and delivered to the construction site. While this method of delivery is quite convenient for the builder, it does pose potential problems. First, the builder must be able to accurately determine the exact volume of concrete he will need before it has left the plant, since it must already be mixed before delivery. If the builder estimates poorly then he risks wasting money and material on unused concrete, or not having enough to complete the job.  Second, the builder risks negative impacts from the environment on his concrete if his construction site is very far from the plant. Water and heat can change the consistency of the material during transport. Third, if the builder requires more than one type of concrete for his project, he will need it to be delivered in more than one truck, since it must be premixed, which is a more costly option. Builders in Hertfordshire have a different option, however. Concrete can be transported as its four individual ingredients, unmixed, and then combined at the construction site.  This method avoids all the potential negatives associated with ready mixed concrete.

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