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Just as you would not hire a handyman to build a home for you, you should not hire anyone but a professional roofer for roof installation in Loveland CO. In these trying economic times there seems to be an overlap in what contractors say they can do and what they have actually been trained for or have experience in. An installation process has many steps and missing one simple one can not only cause you problems over the life of the roof but it may even negate the warranty if not installed by a licensed professional.

Installing a roof is much more than applying a few shingles to the top of a home. Since the roof of a home accounts for 75% of the exterior, there are more dimensions than just the top of the house. There is the underlayment, flashing, vents, eaves, ridges, gutters and downspouts. A professional roofer in Loveland, CO will take adequate care in order to make sure all aspects of the roofing system have been installed according to the manufacturer’s conditions.

Speaking of a manufacturer’s conditions, just as with most professions, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to install the material properly. This may come in the form of classes that installers must attend or contractor’s must get certified for in order to install, remove, and dispose of a roof correctly.

Which leads us to the part about roof installation in Loveland, CO that has more steps involved than what the word installation would have you believe. Some roofs for instance can be covered over while some must be removed completely. In the case where a roof is used to cover up an existing one, this may only be done one time and the likelihood is, it will cut down on the life of the new roof by 20%. Make sure that you leverage this depreciation when you calculate the costs of completely replacing or covering your current structure.

In order to find a reliable professional for a roof installation in Loveland, CO, look for an address. Look for a company that has a physical location and has been in business in your local area for a lengthy period of time such as Loveland Roofing LLC. With the amount of roof adjusters that insurance companies use, there are many that move into town just to cover insurance claims and move out when the jobs are done.

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