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Heading off to college soon? Don’t want to live in the dorms? Check out this quick guide for finding the best apartments for rent near LSU campuses.

Choose Student-centric Apartment Complexes

Sure, there are plenty of apartments for rent near campus, but many don’t cater to students. Renting an apartment is a rite of passage for many young people, but that doesn’t mean college students have to do it the way their parents did. Student-centric apartment complexes offer different options.

Here are some of the ways these apartments make their apartments appealing to LSU students:

  • Spacious bedrooms and private bathrooms: Off-campus student housing has leveled up. The best apartments offer 1-4 bedrooms and private bathrooms for each bedroom. Connect over a bowl of ramen, not in a shared bedroom. College students need their privacy, and the best apartment complexes understand this.
  • Resort-like amenities: Students need time to relax and decompress. Yes, most apartment buildings have pools and fitness centers, but the best ones have amenities that rival 5-star resorts. These buildings have multiple pools, cabanas, volleyball courts, and even cafes.
  • Per-person contracts: Traditional apartment leases require everyone to be on the same lease. College students shouldn’t have their housing put in jeopardy if one person can’t pay the rent. Per-person contracts don’t base a person’s housing status on whether their roommates paid their rent or not.

Secure a Spot Early

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